Leverage contextual targeting 

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February 15, 2021, 1:37 PM GMT+0

Contextual targeting is a digital marketing technique that involves placing digital ads next to relevant content. 

Using contextual targeting can help marketers gain traction while they prepare for a world without third-party cookies. As the technology evolves, Businesses can shift from minimal contextual targeting to a more granular focused approach on testing, measuring performance, and dynamic creative messaging.  

While leveraging this approach of targeting, marketers should focus on contextual categories related to their brand. For instance, airline companies can advertise against travel-related content, instead of placing their ads near green energy content. Brands can focus on broad categories, but they should also monitor and evaluate the performance of sub-categories, keywords and content. 

Contextual targeting can also aid marketers in dynamic creative optimisation. Additionally, marketers can use different keywords to create multiple versions of adverts in other contexts. It can help advertisers tailor messages to match specific environment.  

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