Map content to consumers' journey stages

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February 15, 2021, 2:30 AM GMT+0

Leverage personas, journey stages, and action goals to create content assets for the consumer journey stages.

Outlining the paths audiences take to resolve their pain-points helps map customers journey, enabling brands to create engaging audience-centric content and improve their experiences. Create audience personas and segment them based on customers’ needs and attitudes to effectively understand them.

Brands must identify the steps audiences take in their journey at decision stages like trigger, awareness, consideration, evaluation, and more. Assessing consumers' mindset at each stage of the decision-making can help marketers draft content aligned with their emotions and create rational steps for them to take.

Documenting key touchpoints and actions can help businesses align sales and marketing efforts and build appropriate calls-to-action for each step of the funnel. Craft ideal messages for each stage of the journey and restructure content marketing strategy to address consumers’ objectives.

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