Spice up SEO reports with storytelling

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February 15, 2021, 3:03 PM GMT+0

Describing how users engage with branded content can help companies win more clients. 

Marketers should implement storytelling in their SEO reports to engage clients better. Adding value to SEO reports can help marketers improve conversions, foster long-term customer relationships and uncover upselling opportunities. 

While working on SEO reports, marketers should consider highlighting organic impressions, clicks and CTRs. These metrics can help companies showcase YoY improvement and ease into upsell opportunities. Highlighting keyword rankings can further help marketers initiate a conversation around user intent and show how they can align their SEO strategies with their clients’ business goals. 

Companies should describe how people engage with their content to help clients visualise how their monthly SEO efforts affect their client’s website performance. Marketers should also consider highlighting the customer journey, CEO, interlinking and on-page optimisation to build trust with their clients. 

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