automation can improve customer service

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February 16, 2021, 10:12 AM GMT+0

Providing empathic, relevant and timely customer service can help companies boost repeat sales and gain customer referrals.

Using automation responsibly can help companies enhance customer support experience. It can help reduce customer wait time and aid brands in providing customers with an always-on option, enabling consumers to access customer support channels at their convenience. Offering chatbots, FAQs, and searchable knowledge bases can help customers get answers to frequently asked questions in real-time.

Businesses should also incorporate empathy training into their training program to help customer support representatives deliver empathic customer service. Having a diverse workforce can further help companies improve their employees’ empathy skills.

Brands should also make sure that their employees are well versed in technical terms and have effective communication skills. CS representatives should again proactively ask questions and listen carefully to identify customer pain points, reduce customer frustration and improve overall service experience.

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