Focus on post-2020 consumer behaviour

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February 16, 2021, 10:48 AM GMT+0

To target consumers in 2021, marketers should focus on consumer trends like “Unapologetic Activism”, “At-home Pleasure” and “Wild & Weird”.

With most consumers currently going with the “Unapologetic Activism” trend, brands must proactively take a stand on social injustices to avoid losing customers. To earn success in such a scenario, brands need to call out relevant social issues specific to each local market.

The lockdown has forced consumers to crave for highly pleasurable and sensory experience at home. Brands have seen sharp spikes in demand for products in several categories like luxury and in-home cooking. Offering new ways to make consumers feel better at home can help companies target post-2020 consumers effectively.

Companies should consider injecting playfulness and fun into consumer lives. Embracing digitally driven satire and social media challenges to celebrate weirdness in their campaigns can help brands succeed.

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