Help consumers overcome ambiguity effect

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February 16, 2021, 2:44 PM GMT+0

The ambiguity effect happens when a person given two viable options does consider equally.

Marketers should provide relevant product information to help consumers overcome the ambiguity effect and make the right informed choice. They should provide detailed information to make consumers feel well informed about purchase and pricing options along with fees and delivery estimates.

Leveraging honesty and transparency in the marketing strategy can help ecommerce brands build personal customer relationships. With seven in 10 global shoppers prefer to buy from online retailers with product reviews, companies must encourage satisfied customers to share their feedback on online channels. However, marketers make sure their reviews are verified and authentic.

Companies can use to identify fake reviews and counterfeits, epically for customer testimonials on Amazon. Ecommerce brands can further leverage modern technologies like augmented reality to offer memorable and interactive purchasing experiences.

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