Minimalistic web designs drive sales

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February 16, 2021, 3:07 AM GMT+0

A website designed with user experience (UX), aesthetics, and information architecture in mind can boost conversions.

Creating a well-designed website can help brands stand out, improve the site’s crawlability, and fix issues like broken links. Incorporating design principles while developing websites can help brands enhance UX, build consumer trust, boost SEO, and search ranking.

Websites designed with simple, easy-to-navigate features along with clear and readable content are ideal for conveying important information and attracting prospects. Avoid cluttering the site with too much information or too many disruptions like excessive pop-ups, auto-playing sounds and videos, and include white spaces for better readability.

Optimising content resources with well-researched keywords and atomising content into sub-heads, lists, visuals and more, further improves site readability and improves SEO. Ensure the site is relevant and offers value to consumers, and tweak conversion features like CTAs to increase sales.

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