Reach in-app users with contextual ads

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February 16, 2021, 10:45 AM GMT+0

Curated inventory packages from DSP buying partners can help advertisers buy ad slots contextually.

With Apple soon implementing its privacy changes like opt-in for IDFA and ATT, publishers should refine their app and help users understand the value of exchanging data. Rather than reducing ad spends, creating new advertising strategies could be helpful, as the impact of opt-in hasn’t been quantified yet.

Work using contextual signals like description, company location, star rating, to target varied demographics. Further, in-app inventory is still viewable, and IAB’s Tech Lab’s Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK) lets advertisers use third-party standardised viewability and verification measurement for in-app.

Working with DSPs registered with Apple can help advertisers leverage the SKAdNetwork and view-through attribution to measure ad performance. Brands must ensure their buying partners work with supply platforms that support industry viewability and measurement standards.

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