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February 17, 2021, 10:47 AM GMT+0

Creating referral campaigns with incentives like discounts and giveaways can help brands market cost-effectively.

Brands with limited marketing budgets can still effectively promote themselves by implementing low-cost strategies to attract prospects. To promote a business on a “shoestring” budget, marketers must create engaging online content like blog posts. Blog hosting services like Zero Capital let brands host content freely.

Businesses can also hire freelance graphic designers and writers to create engaging content like FAQs, graphic assets and more. Incorporating outreach methods like cold calling and emailing into campaigns consistently and following up with the leads can further help brands boost marketing efforts.

Participating in online awards, partnering up with other brands, and announcing the same via press-releases and social media can augment promotions and build trust. Stay active on social platforms through engaging posts and partake in local events to drive conversions.

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