Boost local search ranking on Bing

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February 18, 2021, 2:09 AM GMT+0

Having a presence on Bing can help businesses reach a wider audience.

Optimising websites for Microsoft’s Bing can help businesses promote their brands and boost ranking on the search engine. Companies must include Bing in their SEO plan as the search engine is less crowded than Google, hence making it easier to rank websites.

Bing’s overall market share in the US is just over 6%. With the search engine being more transparent about how it ranks websites, brands can effectively improve their site’s performance. Additionally, Amazon Echo’s voice search is also powered by Bing.

Brands must optimise their social presence, on-page SEO, display brand location on the site and claim their business on Bing Places to enhance search ranking locally. Crafting informative and well-written content helps boost search ranking on both Bing and Google, as both the platforms emphasise high-quality content.

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