Drive sales with lead nurturing programs

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February 18, 2021, 4:29 AM GMT+0

Map out the buyers’ journey to understand them better and deliver relevant messages at each stage of their journey.

A lead nurturing program allows brands to engage prospects at each stage of their buying journey and identify pain points, draft resonating content, build trust, and credibility. Having a clear understanding of audiences’ needs and brand goals lets businesses create and offer products and services that align with their consumer personas.

Audit existing resources and align them with the stages of marketing funnel and personas as per their relevance to identify content gaps. With a buyer’s journey mapped out, brands must determine the types of nurturing programs they want to create.

These types include generic persona nurture, industry or vertical nurture, reengagement nurture, and more. Create a workflow to track these programs and establish lead scoring criteria to capture leads of potential consumers.

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