Keyword planning stops cannibalisation

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February 18, 2021, 3:34 AM GMT+0

Check for keyword cannibalisation by creating a list of important URLs and related keywords on Excel to find duplicate entries across pages.

Keyword cannibalisation occurs when two or more pages target the same keyword, leading a website to compete with itself for SERP ranking. Brands competing against themselves can see reduced traffic, low click-through rates and decreased conversions and sales on the website.

Analysing website via tools like Keyword Explorer and crosschecking keywords on Google search or Google Search Console can help marketers spot pages with duplicate entries. Clarifying page with different intents on Google’s on-page signal could also prevent keyword cannibalisation.

Marketers can merge two pages, plan and organise their content with a systematic selection approach to avoid cannibalisation. Assign a person to spot pages with duplicate entries, redirect pages with valuable content to different URLs, and re-optimise the page SEO to fix keyword cannibalisation.

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