Sneeze pages can help hook readers

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February 18, 2021, 2:45 PM GMT+0

A sneeze page provides a list of all the blog posts that cover a particular topic. 

Convincing readers to come back to a company’s blog requires providing them with great content and design. Sneeze pages are a one-stop-shop that collates all the information into one place and help highlight older content.

Encouraging people to interact by asking for their thoughts about blog posts can increase audience engagement. Interaction can also be encouraged by holding polls and competition. Reacting to customer feedback can further deepen engagement and create a personal connection.

Having a “subscribe” option prominently displayed in the design can help blogs stay connected with their readers. Offering incentives like free PDF books can be used to boost subscriptions. Marketers should also pay attention to where their clients are coming from and provide them with personalised content.

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