52% advertisers to spend more on video

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February 19, 2021, 1:34 AM GMT+0

58% of advertisers say buying impressions outside of linear TV makes it difficult to measure reach, frequency, and effectiveness of video ads.

Connected TV (CTV) is the preferred option over other streaming networks, as advertisers plan to increase spends on video in 2021. According to Advertiser Perceptions’ recent survey, 52% video advertisers plan to increase video spend this year, while rest will keep it the same.

Video budgets are growing faster than other media channels, say 77% advertisers who plan to increase video budgets. Most advertisers plan to keep media allocations consistent in 2021. 40% will spend upfront, and 60% would “scatter” spends.

Also, fragmented media opportunities have brands worrying about advertising frauds. 87% demand ads to appear on reputable sites and 80% want to be paired with brand-safe content. 51% of advertisers say linear TV is their top priority, despite viewership decline.

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