Contextual 2.0 is the future

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February 19, 2021, 2:48 PM GMT+0

While it has been around for a bit, advances in AI allows advertisers to direct ads at users based on their behaviour, demographics and location in a more efficient manner.  

With third-party cookies on the verge of being extinct, marketers need to start using newer forms of contextual targeting along with audience targeting to reach their audiences. But, many marketers are still hesitant about leveraging contextual targeting and are still working with remnants of data and audience targeting.

Contextual 2.0 involves measuring and classifying the style, tone, and voice of content and offering more nuanced ad-targeting options. It can help brands empathise with their audience in a variety of situations. 

Advances in contextual targeting also allow brands to analyse and understand an article in its entirety. This can help marketers find content that suits the context of their product and services. 

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