Execute marketing campaigns with “Value”

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February 19, 2021, 4:23 AM GMT+0

Marketing leaders, in order to differentiate themselves, must offer more than creativity.

With growing expectations and CMOs under pressure to prove the value of their function, marketers could do well to inculcate the “VALUE” competency framework. Here, “Value” is an abbreviation of visionaries, activators, learners, useful and evaluators. This framework can help develop team individuals’ competencies.

Seeking perspectives from different departments like sales and consumer support can help marketers better assess the market and develop innovative ideas. Learning how a business works enables marketers to become activators, and effectively execute marketing strategies that are aligned with brand goals and priorities.

Frequently monitor consumer sentiments and research to learn about new ideas, trends in marketing and evaluate insights to determine the effectiveness of the campaign. Investing in the “Value” framework can help brands improve their marketing competencies and engage all stakeholders effectively.

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