Invest in VR tech to grow amid COVID-19

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February 19, 2021, 5:26 AM GMT+0

Investing in email campaigns like cold-emails can help businesses build connections and scale up.

With COVID-19 impacting most companies, here’s what entrepreneurs can do to grow and scale their businesses post-pandemic. Entrepreneurs could virtualise, digitise, and dematerialise their business offerings and craft a brand story that enhances product experiences and attracts prospects.

Businesses must integrate tech like virtual reality and invest in video campaigns to boost conversions and drive sales. Create relevant podcasts and blogs, get on interviews with industry experts, and build presence on social media platforms like Clubhouse to improve credibility and boost SEO.

Collaborating with the right partners and preparing for physical events, while implementing digital solutions like cryptocurrency can help brands stand out among competitors. Developing meaningful relationships with consumers via personalised messaging and communication tools like Zoom can help brands sell products effectively amid the pandemic.

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