2021 requires focus on user search intent

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February 22, 2021, 4:10 PM GMT+0

Instead of stuffing content with keywords and phrases, marketers should create high-quality content to address users’ search queries.

Google’s 2019 BERT algorithm update brought NLP (Natural Language Processing) to the forefront of Search. With NLP, Google no longer relies on the phrases or keywords to rank content and webpages but prioritises the search intent behind them.

To enhance rankings in 2021, marketers must consider NLP in their content marketing strategies. Creating high-quality content to answer search queries accurately can help businesses secure higher rankings in SERPs. Marketers can also use NLG (Natural Language Generation) tools to produce short-form meaningful phrases and sentences.

Instead of spending hours to optimise each content manually, marketers can use tools like Frase AI and Content Harmony to automate on-page content optimisation. It can help marketers efficiently analyse SERPs, improve traffic and enhance search rankings.

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