COVID-19 drove video viewing on mobile

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February 22, 2021, 10:22 AM GMT+0

An Omnicom Media Group and Snap Inc.’s study found that videos have a far-reaching impact on Gen Z and millennials.

67% of Gen Z and 51% of millennials had increased their consumption of video content through mobile amid COVID-19. 61% of respondents have been consuming more videos on social media apps. Another 56% are viewing videos on streaming platforms and apps. 52% reported watching videos on streaming apps on a smartphone.

Facebook (76%), Snapchat (69%), and Instagram (65%) were the top social media apps with the most time dedicated to watching videos. The highest overall engagement rate was on Instagram (71%), followed by Snapchat (68%) and Facebook (63%). Also, 71% of users were engaged with ads on Snapchat.

Respondents spent 12 hours a week streaming video on TV, and 9 hours watching cable or satellite on TV. Further, smartphone-based video consumption increased 63%.

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