Trust signals can boost online sales

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February 22, 2021, 2:50 AM GMT+0

Over 70% of online purchases are unable to finish the checkout process due to the lack of trust.

Ecommerce businesses must build credibility and trust to effectively sell their products and services online. To sell online, brands must develop trust signals, wherein certain elements or features like testimonials, contact and communication information act as a credible source for new visitors and prospects.

Placing reviews, testimonials and seller ratings from existing consumers, on the site and social media feeds provides social proof to search engines and consumers alike. This can help ecommerce businesses pursue potential consumers and influence their purchasing decisions.

Displaying correct contact information on the site, like the “Contact Us” page, and chatbots with a responsive communication team enables brands to assist consumers in real-time. Include multiple payment methods on the site to further build consumer trust and the brand’s credibility.

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