Automation can build a responsive brand

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February 23, 2021, 5:41 PM GMT+0

A responsive brand can quickly adapt its marketing to communicate relevant messaging, across channels, to consumers as soon as they need it. 

Automating processes like monitoring the web and social mentions can help marketers build a responsive brand. Developing a crisis management plan and creating a structure to support rapid-decision-making can help brands prepare for potential market changes and crises.  

Setting up brand guidelines can help companies protect brand consistency, maintain flexibility and facilitate speed to market changes while avoiding potential errors associated with repetitive, manual changes. The guidelines should clarify how branding elements like colours, logos and language represent the brand. 

Marketers should also consider automating processes like email lead generation, content tagging and compliance or billing processes. They should also leverage tools like CRM and digital asset manager to address consumers directly and effectively. 

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