New ID solutions need a holistic process

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February 23, 2021, 12:34 PM GMT+0

Federated IDs boost campaign performance since these IDs are unique to each campaign and media platform.

With the ad tech industry scrambling for solutions as third-party cookies as identifiers are being phased out, advertisers need a clear tech pathway to future-proof identity solutions. Changing privacy laws and platforms dictate a new foundation for informed consent, differential privacy and federated IDs.

A holistic identity process capable of absorbing data and resolving the information, while respecting privacy should be ideal. Advertisers must ensure they have consumers’ informed consent before putting their data to use and ensure stakeholders have holistic access to manage those permissions.

Brands can also divide users with informed consent into cohorts, depending on the campaign goals, industry verticals like finance and manage them as differentiated audiences. Adopt privacy frameworks and build platforms that support cohorts and federated IDs for the next identity model.

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