Rethink experience design to improve CX

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February 23, 2021, 2:06 AM GMT+0

Designing micro-experiences can help brands engage consumers in their personal spaces like home-environments.

With the pandemic affecting customer experience (CX), companies must think about their consumer lifecycle across the stages of product design, marketing, point of sale (POS), and ownership. Leveraging CX and focusing on providing an ownership experience can help brands offer a participatory, rich experience interaction through marketing and retail POS.

As people practise social distancing, businesses must redesign spaces and create curated journeys to deliver a personalised in-depth experience and use seamless logistics to improve CX. Redesign outdoor events and layouts while following local guidelines to create new experiences.

Offering touchless engagements through AR, voice assistants, guest control, allows consumers to efficiently interact with brand and products, while building trust. Merging creative storytelling and integrated technology can offer hybrid experiences with a mix of live and virtual interactive experiences amid COVID-19.

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