Use lifestyle photos in Instagram ads

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February 23, 2021, 5:10 PM GMT+0

Adding real-life images to social media ads can help brands attract user attention.

Instead of using repetitive, monotonous product images, ecommerce companies should consider using lifestyle photos on their Facebook and Instagram ads. Using portraits of users in real-life events – highlighting the products in action – can make branded images look more genuine and appeal to audiences in a better and more credible manner.

Marketers should also make sure these images are shot from the eye-level and depict action rather than posing models. They should further push organic influencer content, as influencers understand what the audience wants to see on social platforms. Influencer-generated posts can also highlight the brand’s offerings in a more relatable manner.

Businesses should create a custom audience on Ads Manager to micro-target audiences based on their purchase/brand-interaction history. They can also upsell products to existing customers.

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