Create multi-sensory marketing campaigns

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February 24, 2021, 4:47 PM GMT+0

Nike saw an 80% increase in purchase intent among consumers after adding a smell in its stores. 

Creating a marketing campaign that influences more than one sense, like sight and smell, can improve brand recognition and recall. For instance, Mastercard introduced a specific melody in all its adverts and embedded a shorter version of that sound in all its physical and digital touchpoints. 

Similarly, hotel brands are investing a significant amount of resources in finding the “signature scent” for their brands. By introducing a unique scent, a specific jingle and a certain feeling of touch that consumers can associate with the brand, companies are likely to build a better bond with their buyers. 

Businesses should also make sure they have consistent visual elements, including logos and colours, across channels. Mastercard’s CMO Raja Rajamannar said, “innovative or ‘quantum marketers’ are those who creatively engage all five of the senses.”

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