Google updates Partner Program criteria

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February 24, 2021, 3:55 AM GMT+0

The requirement changes will go into effect from the beginning of February 2022.

Google has announced changes to the Program structure and badge criteria, through email to Google Program members worldwide. In addition to transparency around badge criteria, partners had requested two changes in requirements, which have been accepted by Google.

The first change requested, and now a requirement by Google, allows partners to dismiss or apply recommendations for a 70% optimisation score. Spend threshold for badge criteria will remain at a 90-day, $10,000 limit for all partner managed accounts across the US.

Pre-pandemic, this requirement was to increase to $20,000 every 90 days. Additionally, the new requirements need at least 50% of account strategists from companies to secure Google Ads certification. To make meeting requirements easier, new benefits in education and insights, access and support, and recognition and rewards are being developed.

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