Use email marketing for social selling

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February 24, 2021, 3:55 AM GMT+0

Leverage signature spaces in email templates to promote social media channels, to bridge email marketing and social selling.

Given that social media usage has grown considerably amid COVID-19, marketers must opt for social selling to boost brand awareness and sales. Tease “exclusive content” on social media, but only allow access to customers upon them subscribing to an email list.

User-generated content, while not explicitly trying to make a sale, can improve overall brand image and boost sales. To build trust among consumers, brands should collaborate with small media influencers that have engaged and dedicated followers. Posting content on platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit or SlideShare can boost social selling, and benefit SEO. 

Adding social sharing buttons to blog posts or promoting product pages or websites through ads can generate awareness. Reducing friction across the checkout process is recommended as in-feed purchasing can improve conversions.

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