Align native and sponsored ads to sell

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February 25, 2021, 3:13 AM GMT+0

Placing native ads on social media can help brands attract Gen Z consumers.

Aligning content used by native content ads on social media ads with in-depth sponsored ad content found on publisher’s site and blog pages can help brands enhance marketing campaigns. Firstly, set campaign goals and ensure that both sponsored and native ad content complement each other to accomplish them.

Sponsored content works well to draw new customers in for goals like sales, while native paid ads can spread brand awareness. Maintaining a consistent brand voice through social media channels, landing pages, and campaigns helps create resonating native ads while retaining key details and building customer relationships.

Visualise consumers’ journey and develop effective sponsored and native campaigns. Factor in the target audience to tailor native and sponsored content around their interests and needs, to boost conversions and augment marketing efforts.

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