CIO-CMO partnership builds resilience

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February 25, 2021, 1:02 PM GMT+0

Being well-versed with marketing and tech tools like AI and management can help Chief Information Officers (CIOs) boost organisational efficiencies.

As CIOs became strategic business partners they must develop new skills and capabilities to future proof their company. Rather than viewing vendors as technology suppliers, CIOs must work with them to adopt new tech like AI and build long-term relationships.

Changing how relationships are built with key partners, including vendors and business partners like Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), can help CIOs fundamentally transform and ensure long-term business growth. Partnering up with CMOs based on shared goals like customer experiences should help CIOs build strong foundations and enhance resilience.

Adapting tech that aligns with their company’s values and developing emotional intelligence (EQ) enables CIOs to address changes. Practising empathy can help CIOs invest in tech supporting their employees’ varied workflows and workstyles.

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