YouTube launches supervised experiences

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February 25, 2021, 5:43 AM GMT+0

The new options are designed to prevent children from being exposed to the full YouTube experience.

YouTube is introducing "supervised experiences," a series of limitations enabling parents to monitor content accessed by their children on the platform. The “supervised experiences” program will first be released as an early beta, and a wider beta will be launched thereafter.

With strictness levels to select from, YouTube aims to help parents familiarise their kids with age-appropriate content, outside the YouTube Kids app. There is "Explore" level apt for children up to nine, and "Explore More" for kids 13 and above, and "Most of YouTube" contains all material except for age-restricted content.

However, human input, reviews and machine learning are still needed for YouTube’s “supervised experiences” to work. While the content type for each level isn’t clear yet, every level will contain content suitable for children as per their age.

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