Freebies boost awareness, drive sales

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February 26, 2021, 4:44 AM GMT+0

Creating a portfolio website or an Instagram account helps with brand building and demonstrates brand value.

Leveraging trial and error data, use-cases from other campaigns, and implementing the most current skills and knowledge allows marketers create effective digital marketing campaigns. Craft emotional marketing copies focused on product benefits, rather than its features to help brands target ideal consumers.

Writing compelling promotional content using “power words” can further help brands effectively engage target audiences on social media platforms. Understanding the overall purpose of the brand goal and aligning marketing efforts with long-term goals helps craft high-converting campaigns.

Hosting giveaways with budgets, time-limit, and rules and incentivising prospects to share products with family and friends, should enable brands boost sales and build awareness. Brands must measure and analyse metrics from their campaigns and adjust variables and marketing efforts accordingly based on real-time data.

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