Sustainable eating grows amid COVID-19

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February 26, 2021, 12:49 PM GMT+0

Healthline Media’s 2021 Food & Nutrition Forecast report revealed food and nutrition trends of note for this year.

The report recorded consumers pursuing more information and practical guidance, for their well-being, because of quarantine-induced stress and the pandemic. Searches for high-protein breakfasts and gourmet coffees surged 50% indicative of growing consumer interest in 2020.

Moreover, consumers are increasingly relying on climate change food calculators, as 30% of consumers are keen to reduce their carbon footprint through sustainable eating. Food locality and nearby supply chain are attracting more consumer attention with consumers looking for sustainable eating options.

Hybrid Diets and Meal Prep searches have risen 156% and 47% respectively among customers, according to the survey, with particular interests in flexitarian meal plans. Brands that kindle positive memories and are inclusive of all identities will thrive in 2021.

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