Use high-quality images for carousel ads

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February 26, 2021, 4:25 AM GMT+0

Marketers should leverage Facebook carousel ads to increase traffic, boost conversions, drive engagement, and get brand recognition.

Facebook’s carousel ad format can have no more than 10 “cards”, image or video, with each card containing a URL leading to a landing or product page. The article cites data by 3M, as per which, images are processed 60,000 faster than texts. Marketers must then use high-quality visuals to grab viewers’ attention.

Following design and technical recommendations of Facebook Ads, like JPG or PNG format for images, MP4 or GIF for videos, and 3% aspect ratio tolerance, makes for effective ads. As the campaign runs, Facebook can analyse each card’s performance and shuffle the order depending on results.

Crafting a great copy with suitable headline and presenting compelling facts helps brands differentiate themselves. Additionally, adding calls-to-action can boost purchases by connecting users to product pages.

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