Post varied video types on social media

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March 01, 2021, 12:47 PM GMT+0

Be consistent in producing video content for social media marketing efforts.

Using different types of videos in social media marketing campaigns allows businesses to reach audiences across demographics and multiple platforms, and increase their follower count on social media. Livestreaming can be used to share product information, behind-the-scenes looks, announcements and more.

Tutorial videos must be fairly in-depth, educational, clear and entertaining. These videos can feature products or services or talk about broader industry issues. Slightly different from this are informational videos, which can be designed to be shareable. These videos must be unique, clever, insightful, and provide value.

Brands can also leverage user-generated videos to engage directly with audiences. A brand’s followers can be encouraged to create videos that carry the brand’s hashtags, which can be tracked by the relevant teams to measure engagement.  

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