PR companies must improve data security

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March 01, 2021, 11:43 AM GMT+0

Improving data security can help PR organisations avoid potential cyber threats and maintain brand image.  

Of all the emails sent to customers for the first time, only 19% are actually opened. This lays emphasis on the need for companies to send follow-up messages to improve client engagement. Follow-up emails and newsletters, when combined with cross-channel marketing strategies, can help PR agencies secure the increased engagement and uphold their brand image.

To foster customer trust, PR companies should take effective data protection measures. Invest in accessible and reliable ticketing systems, and a strong customer support to address potential security vulnerabilities.

Adding a layer of security to the customer-facing applications against common forms of cyberattacks can help companies better protect sensitive customer data. PR companies should also encourage employees to use VPNs to reduce their risks of potential data thefts, disinformation and fake news.

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