Webinars help boost influencer campaigns

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March 01, 2021, 12:27 PM GMT+0

Webinars can help businesses generate high-quality leads for the sales teams.

Companies can have influencers hold webinars for them to effectively influence the audience. Start by identifying the target audience’s interest, demography and psychological triggers of purchase before creating a webinar. Further, consider cultural, social, personal and psychological factors that affect the purchase decision of a consumer. 

Once the company has a clear understanding of their potential buyers’ sociological and psychological triggers of purchase, they can invest time and resources to find relevant influencers. However, marketers should consider factors like reach, relevancy, trust and more while scouting for influencers.

Using the “usefulness matrix” can help marketers find out what influence type is the most appropriate depending on the audience. Companies can further create a targeted PR campaign to catch the attention of relevant media publications.

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