Brand advocacy important amid COVID-19

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March 02, 2021, 5:22 AM GMT+0

With consumers increasingly valuing trust and authenticity, companies must invest in long-term brand building.

Decreased ad budgets and reduced sales during the pandemic have impacted brand loyalty and fostered competitiveness. The COVID-19 pandemic has led brands worldwide to adopt varied marketing strategies and trends to build brand communities with loyal consumers and boost organic promotions.

As online ad campaigns get further segmented, optimised and measured to validate budgets, spends have decreased, leading to increased competition for clicks and impressions. Improving relationships with stakeholders like customers can help create brand advocates that promote campaigns and boost brand-building efforts.

For example, Lululemon’s purpose and vision are shared by its consumers, which in turn has resulted in a network of brand advocates, driving growth for the company. Nurturing relationships at scale helps reward loyal consumers and promote the company among a wider network of people to argument growth.

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