Conduct an in-depth content gap analysis

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March 02, 2021, 12:08 PM GMT+0

Content gap analysis can help marketers identify new content marketing opportunities, which can help improve SEO efforts.

Marketers should consider conducting in-depth content gap analysis to identify topics that connect and resonate with their potential customers. Optimising content upon such an analysis helps build website authority, secure maximum results, meet specific consumer needs and drive high quality leads, among others.

Start by mapping out the buyer’s journey. Consider each content type and analyse its effectiveness towards addressing the unique customer needs at various stages of the buyer’s journey from awareness to purchase. Offering relevant and meaningful content at each stage of the sales funnel can help improve conversions and consumers’ loyalty towards the brand. 

Conducting market research can help companies better understand customer pain points. Marketers should also conduct competitor analysis to identify content gaps, their position among other competitors and potential opportunities.

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