DTC brands must support social causes

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March 02, 2021, 4:11 AM GMT+0

Sustainability efforts, stance on racial and social justice issues are some of the factors that influence modern consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Studies suggest consumers consider a company’s reputation along with its offerings’ quality while evaluating a brand. A brand’s standard of customer experience, sustainability efforts and its social stance are among the factors that consumers look into before making a purchase decision.

Identifying customer pain points, interests and preferences can help direct-to-customer brands find out what matters most to their target audience. DTC brands should offer a distinctive experience based on historical and real-time customer behaviour data to recognise purchase intent and share personalised offerings.

Apart from offering tailored recommendations, use customer information to create value added experiences that resonate with customers. Businesses can further embrace “returnless refunds” to improve customer experience, while also reducing carbon footprint and eliminating additional shipping related fees.

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