Use emotions to boost ad relevancy

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March 03, 2021, 4:27 AM GMT+0

In-depth analysis of varied emotions using contextual barometers can help brands understand content fit in any given context and improve ad placement.

With consumers digital engagements shifting amid the pandemic, brands realigned ads with page-level context and sentiments to ensure they appear in brand-safe and suitable environments. Marketers must leverage emotional ads classification while using context to evoke the desired emotional reaction.

Understanding the emotions linked to various content types will help brands enhance ad resonance and ensure brand safety. Evaluate the suitability, relevance, and sentiments of a page and match ads with the page’s offerings and values, to augment emotive marketing campaigns.

Assessing content based on its positive or negative value can help marketers guide content messaging decisions. Smart tools like semantic networks, contextual catalogues and machine learning help understand natural language in real-time, factor emotions at scale and place ads in brand-friendly environments.

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