Use second-person language in content

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March 03, 2021, 3:06 AM GMT+0

Forms of second person, like “you”, can lend a conversational tone to content.

Where relevant, using a conversational style of writing can prove effective in connecting with audiences. Asking relatable questions, using shorter and crisper sentences, and avoiding complex words engages readers, making the content conversational.

Writing in the second person conveys that a brand is “talking” to its readers. This makes the content appear as though it was tailored for the reader. Avoid using confusing jargons in content marketing to refrain from alienating audiences. Additionally, depending on the context, replacing “we” with “I” can make the content sound more personal and conversational.

The use of short sentences that act as a base for simple but mid-sized sentences is recommended. Italicise words to emphasise them, use contractions to “iron out” content language. Additionally, content must have its own personality to keep it sounding bland and impersonal.

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