Use social proof in win-back emails

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March 03, 2021, 4:56 PM GMT+0

Brands can highlight customer testimonials and product ratings in their marketing emails to win back inactive customers. 

Businesses should make social proof emails an integral part of their marketing strategy to win-back lost or inactive customers. They should encourage satisfied customers to share their opinions via online reviews, ratings, testimonials and endorsements. Customer testimonials can also help small organisations compete against well-established brands.  

Apart from winning back customers, companies can also influence consumer purchase decisions by showcasing positive ratings and highlighting satisfied customers' comments. To further those efforts, marketers can send incentive emails to entice their inactive subscribers into considering the brand again.   

Adding incentive email to the win-back email sequence can further help brands tempt back a price-conscious shopper. However, marketers should proactively remove long-term inactive subscribers to enhance the lead quality and conversion rates.

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