Utilise customer service data

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March 03, 2021, 3:41 PM GMT+0

Customer service data can serve as a direct quality control measure for a brand because of its direct nature.

Brands should collect, organise, monitor, analyse and use customer service data to enhance their businesses. However, this form of data is more subjective, open to individual opinions and prejudices, marketers need to find ways to quantify measure and analyse CS data to identify trends and opportunities.

CS data is often focused on negative experiences and requires high-level interpretation and analysis. Capitalising on this data can help marketers gather useful insights to improve experiences, enhance quality and innovate features to satisfy customer needs.

Like purchase data, CS data can offer companies a tactical and strategic view of product performance, services, solutions, marketing materials and the overall brand. But, brands must invest in technology and employee training to respond to customer issues with actionable responses and personalise experiences.

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