Leverage product tags on Instagram

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March 04, 2021, 5:30 AM GMT+0

Using product tags on Instagram posts makes it easier for people to discover brands and make more purchases.

Instagram’s checkout capability allows consumers to make purchases in-app. Businesses must add product tags, craft actionable content, and plan ahead to make the best use of checkout features on the platform. Using product tags across surfaces on Instagram can highlight products and provide detailed information about them.

Marketers should create engaging, actionable content for Instagram Stories and Feed to expand their reach. Using calls-to-action and updating Profile bio with shopping information like “Start Shopping Below”, can encourage visitors to shop within the app.

Product-focused posts can be carried on the profile based on a calendar of brand moments. This enables marketers to be efficient with product-related announcements or launches proactively. Marketers should however make sure to choose moments that benefit the brand and its followers to market effectively.

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