Organise fan-focused digital events

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March 04, 2021, 4:25 PM GMT+0

With more consumers creating their own content, organisations should offer them a platform to enhance brand advocacy.

Post-pandemic people crave meaningful, human conversations and recognition, and brands should fulfil this craving by hosting fan-centred digital events in 2021. Instead of highlighting branded products, marketers should reframe digital events as a celebration of fans.

Brands should use digital events to give these fans a platform to share their voice and be recognised for their talent by their peers. Collaborating with fans and facilitating user-generated content can help brands transform their short-term engagement into a powerful long-term asset.

Unlike traditional in-person events, brands can host digital events to reach and target niche audiences. They should leverage social listening tactics to identify unique audience interests. To further brand advocacy, they should provide fans with an encouraging environment, creative fan briefs and appreciation.

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