Use editorial calendars for consistency

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March 04, 2021, 4:02 PM GMT+0

Consistently posting content can help brands keep readers invested.

Content creators should consider creating an editorial calendar to schedule content and maintain the consistency of their blogs. A content calendar can help marketers plan their posts and identify opportunities to build on previous posts to create a content series or repurpose them.

Instead of writing for strangers, marketers should write for their audience. A mindset that is geared to write for people they know and care about can help bloggers highlight issues better and set up appropriate solutions. To engage readers effectively, marketers should write meaningful content that allows their readers to solve a problem.

Marketers should add some easy posts, like reader discussions, polls, reader challenges and interviews, to their content mix. To improve consistency and build a content bank for future use, bloggers can also invite relevant people to write guest posts for them.

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