Amazon Prime users to grow 3% by 2022

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March 05, 2021, 4:41 AM GMT+0

The article shares Amazon Prime’s user and revenue statistics that marketers could find useful.

First launched in 2015, Amazon Prime is now available across 19 countries. Amazon Prime’s user base in the US is at 148.6 million as of 2021. eMarketer’s data suggests this could grow another 3% to reach 153.1 million users by 2022.

Where Digital Commerce 360’s data reports Prime Day in 2020 to have generated $10.40 billion in sales, a 42.25% jump from 2019, eMarketer’s report pegs it at a marginally lower $9.91 billion. Of this, international markets accounted for 37.74% of revenue. The rest originated from the US. Overall, Amazon generated $25.21 billion in subscription fees in 2020.

Further, Amazon provides that card games were the top selling items in the US on Prime Day 2020. Echo Dot emerged as the most purchased product worldwide on the same day.

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