Boost email responses with storytelling 

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March 05, 2021, 4:44 PM GMT+0

Using storytelling to share information can help marketers stand out and be more memorable.

Brands can leverage storytelling strategies in their email marketing plans to stand out in crowded inboxes. To build on storytelling, brands should consider its four pillars: setting, characters, conflict and resolution.

In this case, the setting includes data, trends and insights that provide context. Characters are the participants that are part of the brand’s message, including the company, its stakeholders and the receivers. Conflict is the problem that the brand is aiming to solve through the email. And finally, resolution – the company’s solution to the problem.

Companies should include these factors in their branded emails. They can start by writing specific subject lines to boost email open rates and use the email body to brief the story. However, they should always end their emails with a clear CTA to push response rates.

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