Data access gains more importance 

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March 05, 2021, 3:02 PM GMT+0

A recent study sponsored by Starburst and Red Hat found that data access has become more critical to 53% of businesses since the pandemic. 

With a significant increase in analytics workloads and demands since the crisis, businesses are placing more importance on data access. Around 35% of businesses are placing greater importance on faster data access to analyse real-time changes to risk, while 36% are looking to improve growth and revenue generation through intelligent customer engagements. 

But, 37% of respondents are not confident in their ability to access timely, relevant data for critical analysis and decision-making. Data distribution and complexities, building and deploying data pipelines, and latency are among the significant challenges businesses face. 

Starburst’s CEO Justin Borgman said, “organisations have clear demands for faster and more comprehensive data access, but technical challenges still exist.” To overcome these challenges, organisations are adopting multi-cloud data storage and automation, search and cataloguing features. 

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