Multiple-format content boosts growth

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March 08, 2021, 2:57 PM GMT+0

Integrating data and tracking metrics like brand awareness can help brands publish content on appropriate platforms.

Creating strategic and purposeful content can help marketers deploy content at various touchpoints along the consumer journey and drive growth. To leverage content in growth strategies, brands must ensure their content is aligned with other marketing strategies and business objectives.

Planning long-term and short-term growth projections and goals allow marketers to create content marketing strategies that align with specific goals. Businesses must research their audience preferences and include the right CTAs to increase click-through rates and enhance growth.

Crafting helpful and valuable content in multiple formats like infographics, original research, videos, can help brands earn backlinks and mentions, prompt readers to share and widen reach. With Google’s EAT ranking content based on authority and trustworthiness, creating content in the brand’s niche and guest posting thought leadership pieces could further drive growth.

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